Water Damage Crawl Space

For homeowners, there are many situations that might arise and can cause grief as they threaten the habitability and integrity of a home. One such situation that happens far more often than you might think is flooding. Flooding can occur when sewers or septic tanks back up, pipes break, or rainfall causes a high water table to penetrate your home’s foundation. The most important response to flooding is immediate extraction and ventilation. Occasionally, flooding will occur in spaces that you cannot reach or ventilate well, such as devastating water damage crawl space San Mateo. In these situations, it is essential that you call for a professional who can help you handle restoration of these tricky areas strategically.

Why You Must Get Professional Help

Many ambitious homeowners don’t understand why a professional remediation team like San Mateo Restoration should be called in to handle flood clean up. After all, you can open windows, clean up rubbish, and put up fans on your own. What you need to understand is that water damage can cause serious threats. For example, water damage crawl space remediation may seem unimportant, as a crawl space is not inhabited by people and doesn’t need to retain any aesthetic beauty. However, your crawl space is directly connected to the rest of your residence, right beneath your feet. When that area is flooded, whether by sewage or regular floodwater, it is filled with contagions or contaminants. If the area is not properly cleaned, ventilated, and dried out, then things can begin to grow. Black mold is one particularly disturbing threat that will find your crawl space to be an inviting habitat. Mold spores will take root in the wood, insulation, or anywhere that is moist. Without the proper clean up, you may never know that mold has begun its infestation and you won’t be protected against the dangerous side effects it can have on your health.

What The Pros Bring

When you do call in the professionals, we’ll bring powerful, high-grade fans and pumps to ventilate and extract all the water from your crawl space. We’ll strategically place dehumidifiers and make your home as uninviting as possible for contagions. Additionally, we do our best to identify damage done by the water and repair these areas to restore the integrity of your home. Let the pros help you restore your crawl space after water damage and protect your home from permanent damage.