Water Damage from a Toilet Overflow

Water Damage from a Toilet Overflow In case there is a blockage in your toilet, it might cause a toilet overflow. The blockage means that there is no possibility for water and waste to be flushed smoothly down the drain … Read more

Basement water damage repair

Basement  repair Services From broken pipes and faulty plumbing to poor drainage and weather damage, your basement is susceptible to water damage. In fact, it’s perhaps more vulnerable than any other room in your home. If your basement has suffered … Read more

Water Damages under Toilets

Undoing Water Damages under Toilets Nowadays, you can’t imagine a house without at least one toilet room in it. Toilets and the water circulating within them are part and parcel of every house and apartment. The problem begins when the … Read more

water damage under kitchen sink

Water damage under the kitchen sink cannot be remedied by simple techniques. Even if you think that the water is completely dried out, there are still areas where it stays and cause moisture. This is the reason why San Mateo … Read more

Water Damage Safety And Health

Health Consequences Caused by Water Damage Water damage opens the door for mold growth, which in turn, carries an entire list of health related symptoms. Mold infestation is a leading contributor to serious health issues. People who are at most … Read more

Water Damage Certification

How to Tell if a Company is Properly Certified There are tons of water damage restoration companies taking up entire sections in your local Yellow Pages. Each company offers the same services, so how do you make a decision on … Read more

Crawl Space

Water Damage Crawl Space For homeowners, there are many situations that might arise and can cause grief as they threaten the habitability and integrity of a home. One such situation that happens far more often than you might think is … Read more

Sewage Cleanup

Sewage Cleanup- San Mateo There are certain situations where DIY is appropriate, and then there are situations where for the safety of your family and guests, it is important to call for professional help. One such situation is in a … Read more

Water Damage Clean Up

Water Damage Clean Up What do you do when you discover a flood in your San Mateo house? Even if you haven’t suffered from this problem before, it’s important to be prepared for a crisis like this to occur. These … Read more

Flood Damage

The real problem is that many homes are hit by flooding every year. Of course we aren’t talking about rivers flooding over or dams breaking; we’re talking about lots of rain and high water tables and basements that don’t have … Read more