The real problem is that many homes are hit by flooding every year. Of course we aren’t talking about rivers flooding over or dams breaking; we’re talking about lots of rain and high water tables and basements that don’t have sump pumps. When it comes to avoiding flood damage and the permanent toll it can take upon your home and property, there are 3 things that you need to do as quickly as possible for complete home restoration.

Call For San Mateo Restoration

There is no time to waste! If you come home to find your house filled with water from a burst pipe or high water tables, you must act quickly and call for professional help. Completely saving a home after flooding is incredibly difficult without the equipment, procedures and expertise that a restoration team like ours will provide for you. Don’t waste any time calling in the big dogs.

Start Ventilation

The most important thing that can be done to prevent as much damage as possible to your home and property is to get rid of the offending water! Standing water may seem harmless enough, but the longer it stands in your home, the worse it’s going to be for everything. Standing water will eat through the walls, carpets, and furnishings in your home, causing permanent water damage and requiring costly repairs. Get the windows open and let San Mateo Restoration get their pumps and fans going to dry things out right away.

Remove Impediments to Complete Drying

Curtains, chairs, pillows, entertainment centers, everything in a room that will collect water or obstruct ventilation needs to be removed. Recognize that many things will need to be completely trashed after being contaminated by the flood waters, but understand that your restoration experts want to help you preserve as much as possible.
When your home is flooded, you want to make sure you act as quickly as possible for two reasons. First, because the faster you act, the more likely you’ll save your home. Second, because you can protect your home from contaminants like black mold when you call professionals in to help clean and restore your home from flood damage.