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“After a faulty pipe had erupted in my house, I was worried about restoring what was left, and saving my furniture, which was completely soaked. The amount of water damage seemed irreparable. I sure was glad I gave San Mateo Restoration a call. They not only saved my beloved sofa, but also brought my home back to normal, in less than a few hours. I can’t thank them enough.” – Gary


“I was doing the laundry the other day, when all of a sudden, the washer had failed, and started to leak all over the basement. Everything started to fill with water, including the treadmill and book shelves. I was very worried that the water would start to travel throughout the house, or cause an electrical fire. I was so relieved when the technician came by to fix things up. He was able to stop the water damage from flowing to other parts of the house, and even managed to save my treadmill. I owe you guys a deep letter of appreciation. I will definitely recommend San Mateo Restoration to all my friends and family members.” – Beth


“It had been exactly a week since we had the water damage in our home. What we didn’t realize, was that mold began to grow in our bathroom. The plumber we chose didn’t notice the tiny bacteria growing, and a week later, we started to feel a bit dizzy and had begun coughing. Once we gave the professionals at San Mateo Restoration a call, we were amazed at how well these guys knew about mold. They removed the harmful mold before it could spread any further. Since then, we have felt terrific and the allergy symptoms have completely gone away! Just wanted to suggest these guys and thank them very much.” – Donald


“I had been sound asleep, when I was rudely awaken by the sound of dripping water. I knew that the sinks were all turned off, but apparently, a pipe had erupted during the night, and I was left in a giant puddle in my room. I gave San Mateo Restoration a call because I heard that they operate 24/7, and believe me, they sure do! The technician arrived very quickly, and was able to stop the leak before it could get any worse. You guys rock!” – Paul


“I never knew anything about mold, until my 8 year son started feeling sick. After a routine checkup at the doctor, we determined that he was developing flu like symptoms due to the musty air in our home. I conducted a thorough check of our place, and was horrified to discover a disgusting patch of black mold, which was growing underneath our bathroom sink. To make a long story short, we called up San Mateo Restoration, and became fully acquainted with the term mold. The removal specialist  is truly my hero. Bless you guys.” – Melissa