Basement  repair Services

From broken pipes and faulty plumbing to poor drainage and weather damage, your basement is susceptible to water damage. In fact, it’s perhaps more vulnerable than any other room in your home. If your basement has suffered water damage, you’ll certainly be looking to repair it as quickly as possible. Here’s is a breakdown of what you’ll need to do.

Identifying the source of the problem

First and foremost, you need to establish the source of the problem. This means searching the basement for leaks, burst pipes, blocked sewerage outlets, dampness and a variety of other potential problems. In most cases it’s best to cut off your water at this stage.

Water removal & drying

Once you’ve established the source of the problem, it’s time to empty the basement and remove any excess or lying water. This requires the use of specialist pumps and vacuums, and can take a fair amount of time. Once the water is removed the entire basement will need to be dried. Most basements prove problematic when it comes to drying, which makes industrial heaters all but essential.

Effective sanitizing

With the water removed and basement dry, you’ll need to sanitize the basement. Start by removing (and destroying) water damaged carpet – a haven for bacteria – before using disinfectant and sanitizing agents. You’ll need to give the basement space to ‘breathe’ so it’s ideal once more to use heavy duty fans.

Full basement restoration

Once you’ve removed the water and dried and sanitized the basement, you’ll be ready to begin restoration. The first thing you need to do is address the cause of the water damage. This might mean replacing water pipes, waterproofing walls, changing floors or completely overhauling your water and sewerage system. In many cases, it’s worth damp-proofing the basement at this stage too. Once you’ve attended to the problem, it’s time to give the basement a makeover. Of course, it’s your call as to whether this means a fresh lick of paint or complete renovation.

Repairing a basement that’s suffered water damage is no small task. In fact, it’s a massive undertaking, especially for the uninitiated. If you’re looking for a professional to take control of repairs, San Mateo Restoration is here to help. We provide water damage restoration services throughout San Mateo and San Mateo County, California, and would be happy to help you out.