Water Damage from a Toilet Overflow

In case there is a blockage in your toilet, it might cause a toilet overflow. The blockage means that there is no possibility for water and waste to be flushed smoothly down the drain of the toilet. When that happens, the result is an overflowing toilet that can get very messy within seconds. When there is a toilet overflow at your house that’s not taken care of quickly, water damage may be caused to the bathroom’s floor. If the bathroom is located on the second floor of your house, then it might leak through the ceiling below and cause some annoying problems and health issues.

The Danger in a Toilet Overflow

If you have an overflowing toilet, you should take care of it immediately. In case toilet water gets soaked up into the flooring or carpets in your house, it is considered as a biohazard, because toilet water is full of microparticles that can develop fungus, mold, and many other problems that you absolutely want to avoid. If you are already beyond avoiding it, it should be completely sanitized, possibly by a professional. If your carpet is completely soaked in toilet water, you will probably have to remove it.

In the nightmare scenario, the toilet overflow may flood the entire house, and it means that there is a massive cleanup job ahead of you. If that is your case, you should probably contact the professionals, who possess the appropriate tools and equipment to deal with the sanitation process. You must also make sure that the risk of mold development within the walls, floors, and ceiling is removed entirely.

How is Toilet Overflow Caused?

Toilet overflows are usually and most commonly caused as a result of a clog. A clog may happen when you attempt to flush things that are not supposed to be flushed down the toilet. Your toilet is meant for flushing only waste and toilet paper, and when you flush other substances or items, there is a good probability that you will end up causing a clog. Remember that you are not supposed to flush solid items, such as diapers, paper towels or sanitary products. In addition, take into consideration that flushable wipes, which are marketed as safe for flushing down the toilet, are one of the most common reasons for clogs that end up as toilet overflows.

Aside from everything mentioned above, there are many other reasons for clogs, which can be complicated to handle with and might require you to contact a professional.

San Mateo Restoration

San Mateo Restoration is a professional company for repairing water damages. The company’s specialists will be able to drain out all the water out of your house, and then provide their professional restoration services in order to save your furniture and possessions. It is recommended to contact San Mateo Restoration as soon as possible in case of a toilet overflow, and you’ll be happy to know that the service is available around the clock.