Health Consequences Caused by Water Damage

Water damage opens the door for mold growth, which in turn, carries an entire list of health related symptoms. Mold infestation is a leading contributor to serious health issues. People who are at most risk are those who suffer from asthma and allergies. You might not even notice the tiny patch of mold at first glance. If the mold is left neglected for long periods of time, it can transform into a much sinister version also known as black mold. You definitely do not want to wait that long to combat the problem.

There are several stages of mold symptoms, with the final stage generally being fatal. You may face difficulty breathing if the mold remains present in the household. Mold has a musty odor that can travel through open air ducts. You may also experience nausea, diarrhea, fever, drowsiness, and chest pains when the mold begins to form. The longer you are exposed to the mold, the worse you will feel. More severe health problems occur during the second stage; such as seizures, bone marrow disruption, coughing up blood and eye damage.

You should never hesitate to contact a professional mold restoration company at once. The experts will collect a tiny sample of the mold and have it sent back to the lab for further testing. The technician will conduct a mold test to determine the precise type of mold bacteria present in the house. They are able to clean out thin air ducts and remove any dust or debris from clogging up the vents. Reduce your exposure to mold by having a professional destroy the harmful bacteria before it gets the chance to spread.

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